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Welcome to Shelby's Trophy Guide Service

Our mission is to try and help you bag that trophy animal of your dreams!

Whether it is an elk, black bear, coyote or blacktail deer you're after, Shelby's Trophy Guide Service can help make that trophy animal happen for you.

     Specializing in trophy Blacktail deer in the western Washington area and specializing in Kitsap, Mason and Pierce Counties, Shelby's Trophy Guide Service has over 38 years of experience, and is owned and operated by Boyd "Eddie" Shelby Jr.

If you have never seen or had a shot at a trophy blacktail deer, black bear or elk, come and learn proven techniques that you can use over and over again for a lifetime of successful hunting.

Book a bow or rifle hunt with us for an exciting and rewarding experience.

Be sure to check out our client testimonials, our downloadable brochure, a local resources in the western Washington area, our instructional video for purchase and other interesting and useful hunting related pages.

Area update
New hunting areas with big bucks in Kitsap, Mason & Pierce Counties.


Blacktail Deer in
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Your guid for tropy blacktail deer.
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